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Plink offers a variety of skin care products formulated for Indian skin type to suit all weather conditions..

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  • BwenTECH Services Pvt Ltd S No-1, G48/5, Indrayani Nagar, Bhosari Pune 411 039

Plink deals with range of Personal care products, registered under BwenTECH Services’ Pvt Ltd.

We believe in inspiring classic Indian women to express her unique beauty and sensuality within. We will enable Indian women to realize the potential of her beauty. Our brand positioning “the reflection of perfection” itself tells our customers that their reflection is absolutely perfect just because of using Plink products.

Plink means “Perfect Link”, between human and nature.  The plink has designed and formulated its products based on human requirement keeping in mind the weather conditions and natural products. Plink derives its raw material from the good ness of nature. We believe in maintaining the balance between the nature and the man. With this idea in mind all the products are derived from plants, usually termed as herbal; as its extracted from herbs commonly found in Asian continent and that suits the Asian climatic conditions. The phytochemicals (plant extracts and their content is termed as phytochemicals) also are nutrients to human, are extracted in unique way without changing its natural composition. These unique herbs are grown organically without any harsh chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  The natural growing pattern of these unique herbs keeps the nutritional content high without any mutation and alteration in its genetic composition.  That is without altering its composition so that it easily blends with all skin types and keep the skin nourished with required nutrition. water is another important component to keep your nourished and moisturized and human skin demands around 64% of water to keep it nourished. Keeping this in mind our products are designed based on this requirement and therefore all of our skin care products are water based and not oil or paraffin based which moistures the skin only from outside. The water-based products get absorbed into the skin very easily and provides the nourishment to every single cell making your skin look and feel young.

The uniqueness of Plink lies in their indigenous technology of cultivation and extraction of the phytochemicals.

Plink grows its medicinal plants as per their natural cycle and does not alter its growth cycle. This helps in retaining the natural contents or oils. The weather conditions are the important feature for the secondary metabolites to be generated by the plants. Plink takes care of the nature and doesn’t alter the growing pattern of the desired plants. The plants are grown organically with no use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This keeps the content of the plant nutritious and intact.

The oil or the plant extracts are extracted seasonally and as per the requirements. The extracts/oil is freshly extracted ad used immediately without storing it, this avoids the using of the preservatives. The skin care products are fortified with nutrition by its fresh extracts and no chemicals are used to retain its natural colors. This makes Plink unique. The harvest is done only as per the requirement and the order placed from the retailers. 

Mass production is controlled, and fresh products can be released into the market upon demand. controlled production cycle keeps the skin care products more effective and doesn’t loose the healing power.

Plink cares for your skin and the environment with the motive of be wise and do good.